The ORACLE Julia Sinelnikova is spending the months we call “March” and “April” in a remote village in northern Finland for an elite Artist Residency that will shift the balance of Balance itself.  The Oracle obtained this coveted and competitively sought-after tenure quite easily, simply by being Herself. The work she is doing in these hallowed Nordic lands will blow an Arctic Wind of Oracular Change into the heart of PostHumanity, bringing our material proportions in closer alignment with our astral space. As the photos above show, She is learning how to take Her Spirit Place with Her, wherever She may go.  





Shopping for Spells: Exploring Four of the World’s Indigenous Folk Markets

Some practicing witches purport to be able to cure and transform people, or create favorable, or unfavorable, conditions. And these witches require supplies for their conjuring, and for this there are witchcraft markets. However, it’s not just people who claim a connection to witchcraft who have a need for candles, incense, herbs, oils, soaps, potions, and supplies for assisting the balance of a situation. Tourists, curiosity seekers, and the desperate also seek out these spiritual supply supercenters.

At these four markets from around the world, you can find almost anything for any purpose…

**In response to some dialogue generated by the original post:

No judgement was intended when originally calling these “witchcraft markets.” It should be noted that in some of these markets, the locals refer to themselves as a direct translation of the word ‘witches’ or a similar linguistic equivalent (see: our first market featured, Bolivia’s Mercado de Brujas, whose name directly translates to Witch Market); but not at all of them, and, of course, “witchcraft” is a loaded word. ”Folk medicine and religious iconography markets” is a more accurate description, and describes plenty of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu religious markets as well, which Atlas Obscura frequently details with an equal sense of wonder and appreciation as is applied to those markets above.